Events are our passion. The continuous development, modernization and the innovation it involve underline the basic principle and approach of our company since (1996). 

To this end, we introduce our latest interactive hostess robots which can be a truly colorful addition to your events.
There are plenty of features, interactivity and entertainment that characterize the capabilities of these robots. 

Find more information on our robots on the links below or contact our customer service for further help.

Hostes robot rental:


Interactive hostess robot activities for events:


We have extended our latop rental portfolio with the lastest Lenovo ThinkPad E series notebooks.  

The new Lenovo ThinkPad E series is designed especially for professional usage.  

Find out more regarding the new Lenovo ThinkPad E series by clicking on the follwoing link:

Have a quick look on our laptop rental portfolio:

Our touchscreen rental fleet has been completed with the industrial standard, nonstop (24/7) operation capable iiYama touchscreens.

These touchscreen provides you with continous and high quality operation even during a whole day exhibition, roadshow or event where the intensive usage require much more performance, stability and durability. 

Our inhouse developer team makes our touchscreen rental service complete by tailor made and uniquely developed touchscreen developements which can contribute to the success of your events also. 

Find out more regarding our touchscreen fleet here:

We are happy to announce that the brand new Oculus Go VR headset is also available at our company in the scope of our VR goggle rental service. 

Oculus Go VR headset is a great way of elevation an event or exhibition experience with immersive 3D content. 

With the help of our inhouse content developer team, we can create custom content solutions tailored specifically to your event or exhibition. Our dedicated project managers are always on standby ready to assist and ensuring quality service. 

The following VR headsets are also available for rental:

- Oculus Rift

- Oculus Go

- Samsung Gear VR


- HTC VIVE wireless

Find out more regarding our VR goggle rental service by clicking on the following link:

Similar products:

- Micorosft HoloLens

At rentiT we put stress upon the investigations of the latest  technologies in order to being able to recommend and apply them to your upcoming events as interesting and participant engaging activities. 

Microsoft HoloLens for example is a mixture of both holographic projection and the augmented reality.  It can be a good choice if an organizer wants to give the guests a taste of futuristic solutions.  

The applied technology can be brought even closer to visitors if it integrates well with the event's topics.  The inhouse developer team of rentiT develops tailor made applications and contents specifically for events. Our developers are highly competent experts of the contribution to a delightful event experience.

During personal consultations our dedicated project managers assists by helping you work out a comprehensive plan for the selection of ideal technical equipment and software solutions. Moreover our dedicated project managers are at your service during the follow up period as well evaluating the feedbacks and giving you vital statistical information not only for the event on hand but recommendations based on these statistics to contribute to the success of your future events also. 

Ask for our free of charge personal consultancy service, and give the before mentioned solution a try by getting to know the rentiT - HoloLens rental and content development services.